Food is LIFE, Nutrition is HEALTHY Life

Most people know that food fuels life. As a registered dietitian I want people to know that good nutrition fuels a healthy life.

  • Food will help people have the energy to get down on the floor to play with their children. Good nutrition will help people be able to continue to play with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  • Food will help get people through the long work days, weeks, and months. Good nutrition will help enable people to get to and enjoy a long happy retirement.
  • Food will help people get through the walk in the park. Good nutrition will enable people to get through the 5K, half marathon or marathon.
  • Food will get people through life. Good nutrition will get them through life healthier.

I LOVE what I do; I am PASSIONATE about my job, work, and profession. I love teaching people about how proper nutrition can help their life be healthier and enjoyable. I enjoy foods and take pleasure in sharing that joy with others. I eat healthy food most of the time, with an occasional treat. Food is life, and you have to enjoy yourself too: healthy food and good nutrition most of the time, with occasional treats now and then. After all, we only have 100 years to live! Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well

Happy Registered Dietitian Day: March 10, 2010

Enjoy the following  posts by registered dietitians today:

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Heather Pierce, MS, RD, CDE – Enjoy Food
Robin Plotkin, RD, LD – Give a Kid a Fish, Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Kid to Fish, Feed Him for Life
Diane Preves, MS, RD – Only One Message
Elizabeth Rahavi, RD – The Art of Nutrition Messaging
Shelley A. Rael, MS RD LD – Food Is LIFE, Nutrition is HEALTHY Life
Kerry Robinson, RD – A Food Safety Message with IMPACT
Marianne Smith-Edge, MS, RD – RDs are the Premiere Food and Health Communicators
Kris Sollid, RD – Unintended Consequences of Simple Messaging
Angie Tillman, RD, CDE, LDN- Take Time to Care for Yourself


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