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Jamie Oliver's Food RevolutionOn Sunday night I watched the preview of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution which will air on ABC on Fridays for the next several weeks.

Jamie Oliver the British Chef fondly known as the “naked chef,” is on a mission in Huntington, West Virginia, a city that labeled as the unhealthiest town in America and one of the most obese areas in the country (West Virginia).

Jamie is “planting seeds” hoping to start changes in this town. He is adamant that he is not out to force people to change or make them “eat lettuce,” but show them how healthy food can taste good and be easy to make. Not everyone is convinced. He is meeting lots of initial resistance especially at the school kitchen, where he is spending one week in one school.

Jamie visits one family at home, and startles the mother when he places her family’s weeks worth of food on the table at once. He notes that the color is all “golden brown” and nothing else. No salads, no vegetables. Their favorite, most used appliance it the fryer. It it soon buried in the backyard.

Lots of people, not just in Huntington, resist change.  Change is NOT a bad thing, but it isn’t always easy.  Jamie does find some allies in town, including one church pastor.

Jamie is PASSIONATE and, as a father himself, he is on a mission to bring his Food Revolution not just to Huntington, but to our entire country.

Parents, grandparents and families need to get on board to save our kids and save your selves. Demand healthy food where you go, and get the family into the kitchen.

Check out the Revolution starting this week:
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC
2-Hour Premiere Friday Mar 26 8/7c

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