Time to Train

I am a runner!

On August 1, in just over 8 weeks, the 45th Annual La Luz Trail Run will be held. On October 17, in just over 19 weeks, the 27th Annual Duke City Marathon will be held. Both of these events are significant to me.   

The La Luz Trail Run is a 9 mile trail run from the base of the Sandia Mountains at Tramway, up the mountain to Sandia Crest. Most of the run, 7.2 miles, is trail and the overall grade  is 12%. This is a lottery event with only 400 participants. Every year since 2007 I have entered the lottery and each time  my name is drawn in the first round. This year I enter a new age group, so I allegedly have an advantage over the other women in my category. 

The Duke City Marathon (DCM) is the other significant event for me. In 2004 I ran my very first event: a 5K. I finished and didn’t die (just sore) and decided: “I can do this running thing.” I decided then to set a goal to run my first marathon before I was 40 – five years in the future. Two years after my first race, in 2006, I ran my first Half Marathon, and two years after that, in 2008, I ran my first Marathon both of which were DCM events. After a 4:28:02 marathon I swore I would never run a marathon again…it was checked off the list. Since my first race in 2004 I have run 10K events, half marathons, and a second marathon (Rock ‘N’ Roll San Antonio November 2009). I didn’t do very well in my second marathon and have decided that I am not going out with a “bad” finish. So, I have registered for the DCM once again, and vow that I will do well. 

Unfortunately, I cannot do well if I don’t train. I have lost my motivation and have not been doing well with my training. I know I will finish, but how well? Not well, if I don’t get going! I need to get up and train, cross train and continue to train. I have the shoes; I have the music; I have the gear; like most people, I have plenty of excuses. But they are not real excuses! 

Motivation comes from within and I need find it and dig it out from deep inside. Starting next week? Starting Monday? NO! Starting in the morning I train. I have two months to get going on the trail and four and a half months to go the distance.  

I post this for two reasons: to show, despite outward appearances, and what we teach: “we” in the profession still lose our motivation and need to work at “it” too. And I will make sure that I train.


2 thoughts on “Time to Train

  1. ulla says:

    I was in the black hole of no motivation a few weeks ago. Got this book run less run faster and that got me back in my running shoes. I am excited to run before and after. You should check it out if you haven’t yet.

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