First Day of School Tradition: Ice Cream

Haagen Daz served up 3.6 oz/half cup servings.

Ever since my son started Kindergarten in July 1996 we have a tradition: on the first day of school we go for ice cream to talk about the day.

Ok, I know what you are thinking – “how cute!” or “July?” Yes, it was July since he went to a year-round school from K-5th grade.

The point is now that he is 19 (almost 20) and in college, we still did this last night. He started school yesterday, but we had a hard time with the “going out” for ice cream part. I had to go shopping for the week’s groceries, he was at the library, and by the time we met up after school and work it wasn’t the usual 3:30 – 4:00 pm of his childhood, but the 8:30 pm of his adulthood (sob).

So, being Mom I grabbed the ice cream at the grocery store. My usual peanut butter and chocolate and his usual chocolate chip cookie dough (some traditions must live).

I got him the pint of cookie dough and I got the cutest 3.6 ounce container of chocolate peanut butter ice cream. This is necessary! A 19-year-old can afford the calories of an entire pint of chocolate chip cookie dough (eaten in 2-3 sittings). Me – I can’t afford the entire pint of chocolate peanut butter ice cream. You see, I dig and dig for the semi-frozen peanut butter and just have to eat the chocolate ice cream to get to it. Evil stuff this ice cream can be! It has been listed as the “Worst Supermarket Ice Cream.” I am better off with this single ½ cup serving. Why? Because the 310 calories were gone and done over a nice discussion with my son about his first day of school and his plans for the rest of the semester. We did not discuss the calories of the ice cream (or the 21 g of fat or 9 g of saturated fat) because this was a one shot deal. I wouldn’t have to worry about the rest of the pint calling after me today worried about frostbite in the freezer. Nope the empty miniature container is on my desk at work showing everyone what self-control I had yesterday. I was able to spend EXTRA on a smaller container. I paid for self-control.

Until next year…and another first day of school. Perhaps we should start going out for ice cream at the beginning of every semester?

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