Clothing Makes the Athlete?

Can this make the difference between being comforable or not?

I am the first to admit that I am NOT a fashionable person; my husband helps me pick out my clothes when we shop. However, I am about to dispense some “fashion” advice from personal experience and because I still see so many people exercising in what I consider the “wrong” clothes. I am not judging, I just want people to be more comfortable when they exercise.

It isn’t what the clothes LOOK like that I am commenting on, but what the clothes are made OF that makes the difference. Here are examples:

  • In the 90’s I wore “regular” bras, underwire and all, to my Jazzercise and step aerobics. Even though sports bras were invented, I had yet to discover them. Hey, I was young and no one ever told me about them.
  • I used to bike in “regular” shorts, but I would get sore. I bought a pad for my bike seat, but it would still get sore. Ten years ago I bought my first pair of bike shorts. As uncomfortable as they are to walk in, they are worth every penny. Besides, your aren’t supposed to walk in them, you are supposed to ride in them.
  • Six years ago, at my first 5K I wore a long sleeve cotton shirt, cotton sports bra, cotton shorts and cotton socks. It kept be warm enough for the mid-October run, but I also sweat. At the end of the run I was damp and I got pretty cold. And was chafed in many places.

Months after that 5K I discovered microfiber/polyester blend fabric as workout clothing. What a difference compared to cotton clothing. When I do vigorous exercise, cycling or running, I sweat. Cotton gets wet, gets heavy and sags. Depending on the time of year, I get cold or I get sticky and uncomfortable. Microfiber/poly blend gets wet, but dries quickly and doesn’t get heavy, cold or sticky.

This so-called “technical” clothing is more expensive than cotton, but doesn’t have to be expensive to outfit yourself in it. It is worth it. I’ve purchased most of mine at Target or when Nike has some great clearance on their website. I find tops for $10-15. You can get it pretty much anywhere and spend whatever you would like.

It’s a good idea for all of the layers: sports bra, top, shorts, pants, and socks; pretty much anything that touches your skin.

That’s my opinion on this matter, and I have been much more comfortable since I’ve formed it.


2 thoughts on “Clothing Makes the Athlete?

    • shelrael says:

      I almost didn’t admit that one, but it is the truth. And if I can help just one person…

      I’m so much “younger” now than I was then; but you know retirement is right around the corner for us “old ladies.”

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