What is Your Winter Motivation?

Putting something here, helps motivate through the winter.

My 2010 “race” season is over. I am being generous calling that. “Event season” is probably the better description, since I “participate” more than race.

After my last event each year, I struggle with motivation. I find that I don’t continue with running or cycling much unless there is something I’m running or biking for. Some people don’t get this, but over the years, I have found that if I don’t have a race in mind or a bike event I want to do, I don’t run or bike so much. What is ironic: I will do step aerobics even though I have never participated in a step aerobics “event.”

Oh, and my biggest excuse: no turkey trots or “fun runs.” Why do that when I can run 3-6 miles around my neighborhood for free? And I don’t have to drive anywhere to start.

I’m planning my 2011 calendar in the next month, but how to keep up the running and biking in November, December and January?

Side note for you non-New Mexicans: Albuquerque averages below freezing at night November-January and the highs average 48-58 degrees. I talked to people who think they can come here in the winter for a warm get-away.

So, what do you do to keep yourself motivated through the winter?


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