Vacationing with a Dietitian

We did a different kind of marathon while visiting Boston!

From November 5-9, I was in Boston for the American Dietetic Association’s Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo aka ADA FNCE (sounds like fence-e). For dietitians and aspiring dietitians (students) this is our annual gathering (or as Jill Jayne, the Rock Star Nutritionist calls it: our version of Christmas!). We get together to network, meet and greet old and new friends, get the latest in industry updates (that means food samples!) and of course have sessions to learn the latest research and tools of our profession. We also had Anthony Bourdain give us his colorful insights on “How to Stop Worrying & Enjoy Globalization.” I love his perspective on vegetarians!

When the conference ended on Tuesday and many of the 10,000 ADA members and guests left for their regular lives, my husband joined me for his first trip to New England. Being a diehard Steelers fan, this was especially difficult, but he managed. It turns out there are more Red Sox fans than Patriot fans anyway.

So how does a dietitian vacation? Visiting the usual sites, walking of course: Fenway Park, the Freedom Trail, and Boston Common. I HAD to visit the finish line of the Boston Marathon, since it is unlikely that I will ever be there on Patriot’s Day.

But this is how I plan a vacation: find the best restaurants in the town and eat at no restaurant that I can eat at home! Not what Frommer’s and Fodor’s tell me to check out, but where my dietitian friends tell me to go and where the locals tell me to go. So, here is where I ate in my 8 days in Boston last week:

  • Sel de la Terre (Long Warf) with large group of dietitians. Full menu, but lots of talking. The Grand Dessert for Two x 4 was just right for the 22 of us.
  • Tapeo – a tapas bar (not a topless bar) with eight dietitians. Ordered 2 pitchers of Sangria and I lost track of how many plates, but we were very satisfied. The Queso Con Miel is to die for.
  • Davios – an Italian place the night my husband arrived. Gnocchi is a favorite of mine, and they offer small orders if you don’t have a fridge in your hotel.
  • Doyle’s Café – it is really a pub…we toured the Sam Adams Brewery (beer for breakfast) and Doyle’s was the first place to serve Sam Adams when they started out, so there is an incentive to go after the brewery tour. We were here for lunch on a very cold, windy, and (dare I say) typical New England day in November. I was perfect and a great environment for New England Clam Chowdah (that’s chowder) and an Irish Coffee.
  • Legal Seafoods – it seems illegal to go to Boston without eating here, so we just had to. A crab cake meal includes scallops and shrimp too. This is not Red Lobster my New Mexico friends. Boston and seafood is essential!
  • Trident Booksellers & Café for breakfast – the apple brie omelette – OMG!! A perfect recommendation from local dietitian Janel Ovrut.
  • Barking Crab – wicked good lobster roll! Since we weren’t going to Maine, but were so close… Right on the piers and it IS open year round.
  • Mike’s Pastry – not for a meal, but for a treat! It is a pastry shop. We walked the Freedom Trail and were in the North End (Italian neighborhood). Who can pass up a cannoli here?
  • Eastern Standard – was located in our hotel, has great reviews, and we were so tired from all of our walking that we didn’t want to go any farther. The raw bar for more shrimp, the lobster gnocchi for dinner…

Even with all this great food, both of us lost weight during the vacation! Did I mention that we walked a lot?

Despite popular belief, most dietitian’s eat well, and live well. We enjoy our food, and many of us are FOODIES, people who “love food for consumption, study, preparation, and news.”

4 thoughts on “Vacationing with a Dietitian

  1. nutritioulicious says:

    Love it! People are always surprised that I eat as much as I do and love food and dining out. Dietitians are real people too!!

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  3. DK Spurlock says:

    I am a graduate of Florida University. My degree is in health science. Even though I graduated with honors, I was still required to do a year of pro bono internship at a hospital. This I did at Southeastern Medial Center in Atlanta GA. Prior to receiving my national registration and my state license, It was required that I also take a test in addition to the internship. All of this I did. My first employment was at Florida Hospital in the Orlando Florida area. I now work for Jackson Memorial in Miami. I am in line for a promotion. My new function, if promoted, will be to educate the local doctors about the importance of nutrition and diet.
    I see a lot of baloney on the internet about diets and nutrition. The only way a person will ever get the right information about the subject is either from a nationally registered and state licensed nutritionist-dietitian, or a doctor that has been educated in the science of nutrition. Or they can do what I did, but that is long arduous and expensive road to travel.

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