Holiday Season: Make it About You

Put "MeFirst" this year.

How many holiday seasons have you put everyone else first, while you stress, burn out and stay up late making one more baked-good?

This year, my friend and colleague, registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield and her partner Bernie Salazar (season 5 Biggest Loser AT-HOME winner) launched the “Me Movement.”

The Me Movement is all about putting yourself first this year. That is NOW, December 1, 2010, not January 1, 2011.

Several of my fellow dietitians on board with the Me Movement and have taken the pledge too. We don’t want un-healthy people; we want them healthy and well.  We don’t want people to feel guilty about food, but we do urge mindful eating instead of mindless eating. We don’t want people to sacrifice themselves and be stressed or over-booked because they are putting others first. We want healthy people who are better helping others when they are well.

How do you become part of the Me Movement? Go to and take the “me” pledge. Set your goals for putting Me First. Also, if you are on Twitter, follow and use the #MeFirst hashtag. Twitter chats occur every Wednesday at 7 pm MST.

Even if you cannot join the chats, go to the MeMovement website and read the blogs. There is a lot of great, FREE information to help you get through the holidays and beyond.

Have a happy, low-stress December and pledge to put MeFirst this year.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Season: Make it About You

  1. nutritioulicious says:

    So happy to be part of the Me Movement. I’ve always told my clients not to wait until January 1st to make resolutions, but sometimes we need our own kick in the behind 🙂

    • Shelley Rael, MS RD LD says:

      People think we, as dietitians, have it all figured out and do it perfectly. But, yes we set our goals too.

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