Fruit is now Free


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According to Weight Watchers, these are "free."

Earlier this month, Weight Watchers introduced yet another change to their program: free fruit. Like most vegetables, whole fruit no longer has points. Dried fruit and fruit juice still contain points.

However, there is some controversy on whether fruit is beneficial or just has extra calories and sugar. In the Washington Post on December 21, 2010, some health experts don’t necessarily agree with the changes. The experts claim that fruit does not contain protein, and is mostly sugar (carbs) and calories.

While fruit does contain an average of 80-100 calories per serving, they also contain fiber, vitamins, minerals AND some protein. Admittedly, it isn’t a significant amount of protein; a medium banana has 1.3 grams, as does a medium orange and 1 cup of grapes.  The same banana and orange each have 3 grams of fiber, and the grapes 1.5 grams of fiber.

They have no sodium, almost no fat, and have calcium, potassium, vitamin C, many other vitamins, antioxidants, and countless phytochemicals or plant chemicals that reduce the risk of many diseases. Hundreds of studies support this.

Also, a whole fruit is much more filling and satisfying than many 100 calorie snack packs and are certainly healthier for you.

Unfortunately, most American adults and children don’t consume enough fruit. Anything that supports the increased intake of fruit is certainly helpful. I applaud Weight Watchers for helping their clients increase their fruit intake, as well as vegetables. It would be shocking if this was harmful in the long run.

I give my opinion on the benefit of fruit and not on Weight Watchers. I have never been part of Weight Watchers as a client or employee. Many of my clients are or were on Weight Watchers, and I know of many details of several Weight Watchers programs.


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