What is the truth about your diet?


From ConsumerReports.org/health

What the CR Health Poll reaveals about eating healthy.

Do you think you have a healthy diet? According to a Consumer Reports poll, most American’s think they do. But what people say compared to what is reality is another story.

In general the survey found nearly 90% of the responders describe their diet as healthy. But at the same time, several responders were in a higher weight class than they though. Meaning they thought they were normal or overweight when they were really overweight or obese. Hmmm…something is up if despite eating healthy, they are still weight issues.

As for real eating habits…

Those polled were asked more about their diet; this is what they said.

  • A majority (78%) of those surveyed eat breakfast. Apparently Cheerios is doing something right, since it was the number one cold breakfast cereal named. As long as they choose “original” yellow box and not the “honey,” frosted, chocolate ones, Cheerios can make a healthy breakfast. Just add some fruit too. But have eggs, a smoothie, or yogurt with your fruit too. You don’t have to eat cereal.
  • People are still sucking down sugared drinks regularly. That would be daily. Even the people who are trying to eat healthy. A sugar sweetened soda really has no place in the diet. Well, maybe if you add rum or whiskey. But really this is one of the first things I tell people they could do to cut calories and make their diet healthier: cut out the soda. No nutrients and all sugar.
  • And finally, fruits and vegetables! Despite having some of the strongest evidence with these (mostly) low-calorie and high nutrient foods are not only good for you, but practically essential for healthy life, people just aren’t eating enough of them, if any. But they think they are. Lettuce and tomatoes are the top two vegetables… I wonder if it was on their burger.

How healthy to you consider your diet?

  • Do you eat breakfast? What do you eat? Coffee isn’t breakfast, it goes with breakfast.
  • Do you drink sugar sweetened beverages? How often and how much?
  • Do you eat your fruits and vegetables? Do you eat enough of them?

In general I consider my diet is healthy overall – though when it isn’t perfect, people are shocked. I’m a dietitian, not a robot. I eat breakfast daily which varies depending on the time of year. Right now, I am have Chobani Greek yogurt with fruit and stir in my homemade granola which has nuts, flax and chia seeds.  For the most part I don’t drink sugar sweetened beverages (I like a little sweetener in my coffee, but I can’t recall the last time I had a regular soda.) And finally, I work every day to get all my fruits and vegetables. I’m not perfect, but they are a part of every single lunch and dinner.

Note: the CR poll surveyed a sample of 1,234 adults about their habits. It was a nationwide sample. Sampling about 1,200 of the over 310 billion people (adults and children) in the U.S., I would normally think this was a ridiculously low percentage; however my job is to work with people to help them get to a healthier diet. The information obtained from the poll seems about right based on my experience. People think they eat healthier than they really do.

No affiliation with Chobani. I won a weeks worth of yogurt from them in a contest, but still have the coupons since I buy mine at Costco. I will cash in those coupons!



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