Long Lost Kitchen Appliances


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Dusting this one off very soon. We miss it.

Last night I participated in #kitchentool Twitter Chat. We talked about our favorite kitchen tools and appliances, the ones we wished we had, the one we would want with us on a desert island (assuming we had electricity), and the ones that are collecting dust… Unfortunately I have a few that are collecting dust, but I refuse to get rid of them. I’ve promised myself, and my husband, that I will use them again, one day…

Manual pasta maker:  

Received as a wedding gift in 1994 from someone we lost contact with years ago.

Last used: When we lived in our small apartment with a toddler, my husband and I made pasta all the time. We made it in our first house, but never in our current home, which we have lived in since fall 2003.

Goal: find that fantastic pasta recipe and make the homemade pasta. I still have drying racks.

Crockpot/slow cooker:

Received: trade with my mom in around 1993. In our apartment in 1992 or so, I bought a 4 quart. My mom had a 5 or 6 quart from when I was growing up (bought in the early 80’s?). She offered to trade me – I got a bigger one and she took the smaller one for her and my dad. Yes, I agreed to give her my one year old Crockpot for a 12-15 year old one. It is now about 30 years old.

Last used: two days ago, but before that, probably three years. I fully expected that it wouldn’t work, but it worked just as well as it did when Reagan was president. It is in the back of the cabinet and I just forget about it. We made Saucy Italian-Style Chicken Thighs from Cooking Lights Super Fast Suppers. Yummy.

Goal: the original set it and forget it; I’m just not used to prepping dinner at 8 am. I plan to use it about once a month since I dusted it off this weekend.

Waffle iron:

Received: another wedding gift, but this one is from my bridal shower from my sister-in-law: 1994.

Last used: within the last year. When we have breakfast together on the weekends, my husband usually makes pancakes topped with real maple syrup. We used to do Bisquick, but are Coach’s Oats Multigrain Pancake mix converts. Yummy.

Goal: I just informed my husband that I would like waffles by the end of the month.

Bread machine:

Received: Christmas in the 90’s – thinking 1997 or 1998, but cannot remember for sure.

Last used: It was often used in the late 90’s – early 2000’s; rarely in the last 4-5 years. I made several loaves of bread in 2010, but it has been at least four months or more. I need to buy more yeast.

Goal: Cinnamon raisin is a favorite in the household; the problem us usually that the bread goes bad before we can eat it all. Bake bread in the bread machine once a month. Utilize the freezer.

Pressure cooker:

Received: 1994 at my bridal shower (I remember who gave it to me, but she will remain nameless because of when it was last used.)

Last used: never. Childhood trauma has scared me away from using it. I know they are safer, but some things are difficult to overcome. I am seeking counseling for this…

Goal: By the end of February I plan to try at least two items in my pressure cooker. I have heard from so many people on Twitter and at work how fast it cooks beans, meat and grains. I’m going to start it, don my protective gear and wait. Apparently not as long as I usually do with the pressure cooker.

In case you were wondering:

  • My favorite kitchen tool/appliance: Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer in Cobalt blue. The only one that stays on the counter along with the Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffee pot which is used at least daily, usually twice.
  • The kitchen tool/appliance I wish I had: immersion blender and ice cream maker attachment for Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.
  • The kitchen tool/appliance I would want on a desert island? Blender, of course. Need a way to make the pina coladas! Obviously.

What is/are your favorite kitchen tool? One that you need to dust off? The desert island appliance or tool?

No affilation with: Coach’s Oats, Cooking Light, or any of the appliance brands named in this post.

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