New Way to Search for Recipes!


Ready to cook, but need a recipe? Check out Google's new tool.

“I need ideas for recipes.” As my clients start on their quest to eating healthier, they often ask me for recipe ideas. All they think about is protein, vegetables and starch, but don’t have any idea on how to make something other than “broiled chicken.”

Admittedly my two favorite recipe sources are Cooking Light and Eating Well (magazine and website) for healthy recipes, or at least recipes with nutrition information. While I have no connection to these periodicals, I am quite dependent on them. There are good recipes in there.

In the past, I have also mentioned to my clients that they can “Google” various food ingredients with the search term recipe and often find recipes to match what is in their fridge/pantry.

Starting today, Google has a new option: enter ingredients or foods in the search box. At the bottom of the left column is the “Recipe” option. Below you may choose extra ingredients, choosing a cook time and a calorie range. For those with time restrictions this is great! Just a note: my experience is that is the time is for an experienced cook. I always suggest adding about 15 minutes to the time if you are new to cooking.

Here are a couple examples of my searches: I entered “frozen cherries” and the results give me many cherry dessert recipes. Adding “smoothie” changes the results to many smoothie recipes. Another search for “Greek yogurt” yields recipes of all types; from savory dishes to dessert.

The only drawback I found was that recipes couldn’t be filtered by “course” the same way that ingredients, time and calories can. However, I found that adding “main dish,” “salad,” or “dessert” to the search bar does the trick.

Try it out: go into your pantry and fridge, pick a few items and see what comes up. It could be interesting.

The ever clever people at Google have provided another great tool for us. Let me know how you like it.


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