Spring Training – What are you doing this Spring?


What are you doing this spring?

The first thing we delete from our busy schedules is what can help us handle it best: healthy diet/eating, exercise and proper sleep.

Because I am acutely aware of this, I make a point to put these priorities, and family time, first and sometimes the extras are set aside (like posting regularly to my blog). I’ve missed it.

Spring is a crazy time of year for so many of us (as are summer, fall and winter, it doesn’t stop). Some weekends may have nothing happening (if you are a lucky one), but then other weekends it seems that everything is happening: family events, children’s soccer games AND little league games, many social activities, city-wide events/festivals to enjoy, and a holiday/birthday/anniversary thrown into the mix.

Another sign of spring, at least for me, is that nearly every weekend has a running or biking event in which I am participating or I would like to take part.

In just a couple of weeks, for our household, it starts: between my husband and I we have something every weekend.

  • April 16: Albuquerque Half Marathon – I’m losing track of how many 13.1 milers now, but Athlinks.com says this will be my 8th.
  • April 24: Easter Sunday and my niece’s first birthday…it this throwing you off this year?
  • May 1: Run for the Zoo 10K, which is a tradition for me now AND the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5 mile walk (thrown off by Easter this year).
  • May 8: Mother’s Day and my first SPRINT Triathlon: Jay Benson. Swimming is in the pool in case you were wondering.
  • May 15: Santa Fe Century, which for me is a half century…because this is a hard century.
  • May 21: a special weekend with my husband, which will likely include a bike ride
  • May 28: Iron Horse Bicycle Classic from Durango to Silverton (Colorado) – This is not my event, but my husband’s, but I get to still drive to Colorado
  • June 4: Albuquerque Century Tour de Cure, in which this year I will once again attempt a 100 mile bike ride in one day. Last year, I was not successful with the 100 miles, but a “mere” 65 due to >100 degree temps.
  • June 11: Valles Caldera 10K – my first time here too. They also have a marathon and half marathon, but I plan on taking a break this weekend.
  • Jun 17-18: Relay for Life in Albuquerque – a walk, but a very important one.

Is this crazy? Nah, this is our regular spring in my household. The summer becomes more erratic with events, but once September comes around, things pick up again for a couple of months. It’s all good.

Let me know if you are doing any of these events, or anything throughout the U.S.; I would love to hear about it.


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