National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day


A comfort food for all ages.

Grilled cheese sandwich – an original comfort food – is one of those things that bring memories…

Grilled cheese and tomato soup – who hasn’t had that one? Though chicken noodle will do.

It is the only time I have cheese on my sandwich; after all it is the “meat” of the sandwich.

It is the only time I eat American Cheese.

I like my grilled cheese classic – two slices of bread, a slice of cheese, a bit of mayo inside, with butter on both sides. No tomatoes, no bacon, no extras. Just the plain classic, grilled golden – not dark – that it seems “soggy.” And the best is the one my husband makes for me…

It makes a perfect lunch, a descent dinner, and would even do for breakfast if you were so inclined.

I ask my son, Antonio, what he thinks of when I say “grilled cheese sandwich”?

  • Flipping it in the pan without the spatula – the flick of the wrist
  • Makes it with mayo and likes it likes them golden (my boy!).
  • Always makes two. Both of which are for him.
  • And, he thinks his grilled cheese sandwiches are the best in New Mexico – how modest.

I’m thinking of trying a new recipe…more for a grown-up? But these will take some forethought.

Grilled Tomato and Brie Sandwiches

What is your favorite grilled cheese memory/moment? Favorite recipe? Secret ingredient?



4 thoughts on “National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

    • Shelley Rael, MS RD LD says:

      Thanks – one of the benefits of being a dietitian is that I can talk about food and it is not only part of my life, but my profession too.

  1. Regan Jones RD says:

    usually i’m a food purist, but with grilled cheese, i actual venture out some. i do a rosemary-apple butter version with our extra sharp and clothbound cheddars. it’s heaven to me.

    but i totally agree on the golden bread part… overdoing the outside, and you might as well start over!

    ~Cabot Creamery

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