An Ounce of Prevention…

Visit now for fewer visits later.


An ounce of is worth a pound of cure. Benjamin Franklin

I am one of the first to admit that wellness, prevention and taking care of your health does take some time. You must invest in your health to help stay healthy. Taking the TIME to go through your preventive medical appointments today, saves you time in the long-run. Waiting until you are sick to do something takes much more time and money (appointments, treatments, medications, lost work time, etc.) than taking the time to take care of yourself before you are sick.

Early last month was the start of what will end up being over two months of preventive maintenance for my body. The product of age and being a woman I have to take the time for several appointments to get through all of my “preventive care.”

This year is unusually busy since my six month appointments, annual appointments, and bi-annual appointments all came together at around the
same time. I have no unusual health issues for a woman in her early 40’s, so
everything I have appointments for are all a matter of routine. Here is what I
am going through right now:

  1. Dentist appointment, for routine cleaning  – every six months
  2. Routine physical – annually
  3. Dexa scan (bone density test) – every two years referral from the routine physical. This is unusual for someone my age, but I’ve had them every two years since 30 years old because I need them.
  4. Blood work – annually, referral from the routine physical. The blood cholesterol, glucose, liver function, etc.
  5. Annual gynecological exam – annually
  6. Mammogram – every two years

That is six separate appointments on six separate days to make sure I am still healthy. Or, what I have estimated, 11 hours of time for actual appointment and “travel” time. Not counting time being on hold making the appointments.

I need to schedule two more appointments outside this flurry of medical merriment: my annual eye exam and dermatology exam. Despite having LASIK several years ago, I still need to get checked for eye diseases that run in my family. I also need to get checked for skin cancer since I am a fair-skinned, red-head living in New Mexico.

I feel that I must stay on track with my preventive appointments because of the family history of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancers, and other health issues. I would rather know early and be able to take care of the issues than when it is potentially too late or the visits to the doctor will take a LOT more than 11 hours…

Take the time now to make your preventive appointments, and keep them. They may not be convenient and they do take time, but it is worth it in the long run.


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