Coffee – Still Pretty Darn Healthy

coffee beans

Research continues to show coffee is more beneficial than harmful.

Nearly two years ago I wrote a post for National Coffee Day admitting that I have my family hooked on coffee and that our coffee maker would be the one appliance replaced within a day. I freely admit that one morning without it would throw me  into a tailspin – only because of habit and morning routine not addiction. Really…

I often say that coffee is my “drug of choice” – which is a joke, but not. I joke in the sense that I choose no other drugs except alcohol, but if given a choice, I would take caffeine over alcohol (though I hope I never have to). Caffeine is stimulant, and the most widely used drug in the world. It is legal for everyone in the world, though some religions frown at its use.

Today, the health benefits of coffee now far outweigh the risks associated with consumption.

Along with its apparent role in improving brain health and reducing risk of type 2 diabetes, coffee consumption is showing to help prevent certain types of cancer including basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer, liver cancer, breast, colon, and rectal cancers.

Most of the benefits are with regular caffeinated coffee, though some studies have looked at decaf coffee. Most of the time, decaf does not have the same benefit as regular, but it appears neutral rather than harmful.

Additional research shows that it is still safe for pregnant women to consume coffee and that there is no risk for the child later in life, with the most recent research showing no link between mother’s coffee intake during pregnancy and behavior issues in her child later.

Again, it is preferable to consume your coffee with little or no added sweeteners and fat. While the benefit of the coffee is not diluted with these additions to the coffee, it does add calories. So, I always tell people to take this into account when putting it in the “big picture” for your day. I like my formerly calorie-free coffee with added sweetener and half and half, knowing that I am adding calories per cup.

Hot or iced, black or as a “mocha” – enjoy your coffee knowing that it is helping your overall health more than it is harming your health.

I love getting locally roasted coffee when possible (since there is only one state that can grow coffee, I can’t get locally grown right now…).

Check out these Albuquerque, New Mexico Roasters.

How do you like your coffee?



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