Affiliations & Disclosures


Professional Memberships:

Board Positions (2016-2018):

Paid Work:


  • I am not paid, nor receive a benefit, to endorse products or restaurants that I mention in blog posts unless specifically stated otherwise. .
  • If/when I receive free products and I write about it, I disclose this as required FTC Disclosure Guidelines. This is not necessarily and endorsement of any product or service.
  • If I write about a product, I do so because I genuinely like it and want to share the information. I receive no personal benefit by you purchasing or using the product. If I provide a link, it is for your benefit. If I have an affiliate link, I will specifically state this with the link.
  • If I write a restaurant “review” I do not tell the owner or restaurant employees my intention. I do it because I like to promote good, local food businesses.

2 thoughts on “Affiliations & Disclosures

  1. Regan says:

    Shelly… Just wanted to give you props on having such a straightforward disclosure section on your website. I try to always make sure I mention in some fashion any relationship I have with a company when I’m speaking on their behalf. Unfortunately, I’m finding that is not the case with many peers in our profession… a trend that is troubling and in direct conflict with FTC guidelines. So glad to see how you do it.

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